Welcome to CAMSA - USA

Through our various projects, we hope to positively impart the lives of our brothers and sisters in Cameroon.

We hope to be a voice for a more rewarding and student-friendly educational system in Cameroon.

And also to directly confront the plight of young Cameroonians most notably the devastating effects of the HIV-AIDS pandemic.

Message from the President.

Welcome and thank you for taking your time to visit our website. CAMSA-USA is an organization that delineates the true spirit of togetherness among the Cameroonian students residing in the United States of America. We are a non-partisan, non-violent, non-profit organization that advocates for the Cameroonian students in the USA. Ever since our launch at Dallas Texas in 1985 we’ve created a forum dedicated to promoting the education, social and cultural well being of the Cameroonian students in the United States of America.
Join us and let`s continue to build a better future of our nation and the world at large ...

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