We seek to achieve success within ourselves, Cameroonians, our local chapters, our community, our nation, and the world



As an organization and a united front, we work to:

  • Address challenges facing Cameroonian students in the United States by organizing programs, forums to help promote professional and career development and enhance opportunities for academic success.
  • Address concerns and problems facing Cameroonian students in the United states by serving as a voice representing them and acting as a liaison to appropriate authorities including, but not limited to, the Embassy of Cameroon to the United States.
  • Promote cooperation between American educational institutions and educational institutions in Cameroon for the mutual benefit and development of our brothers and sisters back home and here in the United States.
  • Promote in Cameroon the awareness of the opportunities, possibilities, and potential of the American educational system.
  • Foster unity, friendship and camaraderie among Cameroonians in the USA.
  • Contribute in an organized manner to the economic, cultural, and social development of our fatherland, Cameroon.
  • Develop friendship and understanding through cultural interaction and communication among ourselves as well as with students of other origins, nationalities and cultures.
  • Promote amongst ourselves the constant awareness of the realities of life back in Cameroon, particularly by affording our children the means of becoming acquainted and identifying with the culture of their ancestral fatherland.
  • Obtain for our membership the services, benefits, and advantages that a united and strong student body might be able to achieve particularly through the formal representation of the interests of our members and membership wherever and whenever there is need.