There are three categories of membership in CAMSA-USA: Full Membership, Associate Membership and Honorary membership.

full-membership Full membership is open to Cameroonians residing in the United States of America (USA) and enrolled in any educational institution in the USA. Individuals residing in the states with a CAMSA chapter should also strive to be a member of their local chapter.This membership will be renewed annually.
associate-membership  Associate membership is open to Cameroonians and “friends of Cameroon” who are not full members but are former or aspiring students of an educational institution in the USA. These also include individuals interested in the progress of CAMSA but are not current or former students or are not Cameroonian nationals. They should also seek membership at local chapters if they reside in States with a local chapter. 
Honorary membership is available exclusively upon invitation from the CAMSA-USA National Executive Committee (NEC), acting on its own initiative or upon the recommendation of a local chapter, to individuals who have outstandingly demonstrated that they are capable of and are willing to provide intellectual, civic, and/or material encouragement, inspiration, guidance, counsel or patronage to the Association. Current CAMSA members cannot be candidates for Honorary membership.

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