According to the United Nations Population Division;

  • Cameroon’s population in 1999 was about 15 million. Adults, aged 15 to 49,
  • the group most likely to engage in high risk behavior for HIV infection, represented approximately 46 percent of the total population.
  • The HIV prevalence rate among this g roup was estimated by UNAIDS to be 7.7 percent (For every 13 Cameroonian adults, one (1) is infected with the HIV virus).

By the end of 1999, 500,000 adults and children were living with HIV and AIDS in Cameroon and more than 270,000 children had been orphaned due to AIDS. Despite the development, by our Government in 2000, of the Plan Strategique National de Lutte Contre le SIDA, 2000- 2005 (National Plan Against AIDS, 3er Draft) that focuses on 20 different areas to address this epidemic, the number of Cameroonians living with HIV-AIDS and those orphaned from AIDS has continued to increase as noted in the recent Report by the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS: UNAIDS (2006).

In spite of the numerous educational, ethical, financial and socio-cultural barriers to the fight against HIV/AIDS, CAMSA-USA is determined to contribute morally, educationally and financially to effectively counter the devastating effects of this epidemic in our society. Project HIV/AIDS targets children orphaned by this disease, and seeks to empower Cameroonian women and youths. This Campaign involves a vigorous education of the public on the practice of safe-sex and “Living with HIV/AIDS.” We are also targeting various orphanages catering for these children to provide financial, moral and educational assistance. As a community and society, we cannot and should not sit back and relax while half a million of our brothers and sisters succumb to this epidemic. Please, join our campaign today. Together we can move mountains.

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