Buddy Program

The Buddy Program will be primarily composed of upperclassmen and/or young professionals in various majors and degrees who will discuss mentoring/tutoring issues and give advice to lowerclassmen in universities/colleges nationwide. These tutors/mentors will be linked with tutees/mentees according to their area of academic proficiency or career experience.



We wish to recruit tutors and mentors who are upperclassmen/graduating seniors, graduate students or recent graduates of an accredited college/university or graduate degree program in the USA . We hope for our tutors possess knowledge in the field they wish to tutor/mentor, and should (potentially) have found success in this field in their career.



Finding a Tutor/Mentor:

  • Click here  to access the forum.
  • Mentees/Tutees to declare their majors, and provide a brief educational biography. Mentors/Tutors will also provide the requested information
  • They will then be matched with a mentor/tutor that best matches their criteria, and the communication will begin.
  • Prospective tutees are encouraged to utilize this resource fully. One can always learn an extra tip while pursuing a college (or higher) education.

Application Process for Tutors/ Mentors :

  • Each prospective Tutor/Mentor shall submit their resume to nec.camsausa@gmail.com and indicate the specific area and/or departments that s/he wishes to tutor in.
  • CAMSA will then match potential mentors/tutors with mentee/tutees.